The Type of Lipstick to Use


beaut2Lipstick brings out the best features on a woman’s face. You can also wear it to accessorize any outfit.

But you have to pick the right shade to achieve this. There are numerous shades to select from and this can make it a little difficult to settle on one. But you do not have to spend several hours wondering what type of lipstick to use.

Here are some details to consider before you wear a particular shade.

Skin Tone

Your lipstick should be at least a shade or two darker than your skin tone. A lighter shade will make you look dull. If you have fair skin, nudes will look amazing. You can wear light corals, pinks, and apricot shades. For those with medium skin tone, darker shades will work well. You can use berries, roses, and mauves but avoid bright reds. Black or dark skinned women can wear red, chocolate or deep plum. You can also try purple and brown to flatter dark skin.

Lip Shape

Your lip shade also determines the best shades to wear. Thin lips look great with clear, light beige, peach, and pale pink lipstick. But stay away from browns, dark purple, dark red, and dark purple. Outline your lips and then fill them in with lipstick. This will make your lips appear fuller.

Lipstick Texture

Lipsticks come in various textures including matte and gloss. Your choice will depend on the occasion and preferences. Creamy lipsticks are a popular option because they offer defined coloration. They tend to last longer and you will not have to touch up your lips several times when you wear them. The creamy ones look amazing on full lips because they tend to make them appear firmer. Add some blusher on your cheeks if you choose the creamy type.

Sheer lipsticks work well if you want to add some dimension to your lips. They tend to look more natural and conservative compared to the creamy shades. A sheer red is a good choice if you want something subtle.


Lips tend to change with age. Your lip tone and color will diminish with age. Creamy lipsticks are a good choice if you have lost some lip color.

Lipstick will make your face seem brighter if it suits your skin tone, lip shape, and age. You also need to get the right texture to match your personality. It will be easy to figure out what type of lipstick to use once you keep these aspects in mind.