Different lash extension services


The lash extension is fast becoming a common trend among most women these days. Most women consider eyelash extension as a great beauty investment given that the service builds up their confidence and also enhances their look. Click here to Get 50% Off Individual Lash Extensions Summer Sale.

Here are some of the different lash extension services they can take advantage of

Faux mink eyelash extension

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With its slight sheen and deep black color, the Faux mink eyelash extension offers a more dynamic look. This eyelash extension is perfect for anyone looking to have a more dramatic yet noticeable lash line which stands out. Most of the faux mink extensions are crafted from synthetic PBT fiber that can hardly lose their curl or fade out. Also, most of the standard trays feature sixteen line of eyelash extension, and this is great since it offers clients a wider selection option.

Russian volume eyelash extension

The Russian technique involves applying mink or silk eyelash extension which is up to 6 times lighter compared to other extensions. Once applied to the natural lash it creates an intense volume that presents a fluffy and soft look. Additionally, you can apply up to 200 lashes that are available in 2D, 3D, 4D and 5D eye lash extensions. They are long-lasting and come highly recommended for individuals who have sparse eyelash extensions or those who wish to achieve a considerable amount. You won’t have to worry whether Russian volume can damage your natural eyelash since its light weight and hardly presses any weight on your natural lashes.

Happy medium mixed Russian volume extension

The happy medium mixed Russian lash extension services are perfect for women who are always on the move and wish to switch between the everyday look and glam.  The good thing is that the service is customizable and all you have to do is settle on the one that suits your needs.

Eyelash extension removal

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Once you have applied for the eyelash extension, you will need to remove it at some point to try out a different look. It’s also important to remember that how the extension was applied will depend on how long you’ll have to wait before it can be removed. If you find other removal methods cumbersome or you don’t have time to head out to the salon you can try out the steam and oil method. You need to be careful and always start by removing all the makeup using the makeup remover. Steam will usually loosen the eyelashes base, and the procedure will only take a maximum of ten minutes.…