Celebrities Secret Sexy Figure

celebrity woman in fashion

celebrity on poseYou always see them on the red carpet year after a year and even after they get children, they still appear ever so slim and you are wondering, how do they do it, how do most celebrities look slim all the time?

Well, if you are also wondering, they do have hamburger and chocolate cravings and to keep shape, they have to struggle. Of course, you have to bear in mind that they have enough money to maintain the best trainers but still, the one thing the trainers add is pressure.

Now, apart from having trainers, I will let you in on some of the secrets they use to stay slim, like always.

They eat breakfast

Even research proves that people who have breakfast are more successful in losing weight because it jump-starts the metabolism and they do not feel ravenous during the day, which might make them overeat. Having breakfast makes the body start burning fat as early as in the morning.


Most celebrity trainers have admitted to having the celebrities walk as much as possible. Some of them even take the stairs instead of the elevator to keep fit and judging by their looks, that helps stay slim as well.

Eat healthy

Well, if they actually eat what their trainers claim they do then healthy is an understatement. For one, most of them do not have white carb like cookies, bread and pasta especially when they are trying to lose weight for a specific event, which they are always attending anyway. Such foods are always high in sugar so the body is usually busy burning the sugar instead of fat.

They eat spicy food

Model trainers have admitted to having celebrities to add more red pepper flakes, hot pepper sauce and jalapenos to their food, which makes them, eat less by turning down hunger. Pepper also increases metabolism and helps burn more fat quickly.

They workout, a lot

Most celebrities have very strict workouts that they have to follow regular without fail and this is what keeps them in shape. The fact that they do it regularly and their trainers are there to make sure they do it without fail. Most of them do jogging, pull-ups, football drills, sprinting, weight training and some JENNIFER NICOLE LEE Working Outeven go out of their way to do boxing.


Cleansing is a fast that usually involves about 10 days of drinking lemon juice, water and maple syrup. They actually call it the lemonade diet and even though it is not very advisable, when some celebs are scheduled for some event, they do it to lose some extra pounds.…