Home Remedies on How to Remove Stretch Marks

stretch marks

When the skin gets stretched, its collagen gets weakened, and also its usual production cycle gets damaged which results in scars on the skin layer. Stretch marks may appear on your skin when you add weight or increase. They make one feel uncomfortable when it comes to your appearance. Luckily, here we have various ways that will help to remove stretch marks.

Lemon Water

lemons in water

Lemon juice is another natural way to remove stretch marks. It’s always acidic which can help lessen stretch marks and other scars.

Take a fresh lemon juice, and then slowly rub it on the stretch marks using a circular method. Let the liquid absorb in the skin for like ten minutes then rinse it using warm water.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera can be used to treat a lot of skin issues. It can also be used to remove stretch marks. You can rub the Aloe Vera gel directly on your affected area, and then leave it for like fifteen minutes then wash with warm water. Additionally, you can as well mix aloe Vera gel with vitamin E capsules oil and vitamin A capsules oil then rub on your stretch marks until its well absorbed.

Castor Oil

You can use castor oil in many skin problems treatment like age spots, wrinkles, pimples and dark spots; it can as well be used to remove stretch marks. You can apply castor oil on the stretch marks and then massage thoroughly using a circular motion for ten minutes. Tie the area with thin, cotton cloth. By use of a bottle with hot water in it, apply heat on the place with stretch marks for half an hour. Do this daily for like a month.


white sugar on a spoonWhite sugar is also one of the excellent natural home remedies that you can use to remove stretch marks. Sugar can assist in skin exfoliation. All you should do is to mix one tablespoon of sugar with almond oil and some lemon juice. Mix well then apply on the affected area. Rub well on your skin for some minutes each day before going for a shower. Continue to do this for a month.

Potato Juice

It has minerals and vitamins that boost restoration and growth of skin cells. Cut a potato into medium thick slices. Then, pick a piece then rub it slowly on your stretch marks for some minutes. The potato starch should cover the stretch marks well. Lastly, let leave it to dry for a while then clean it with warm water.