Natural Hair Extensions To Your Preferences

natural hair extensions 2

Hair extensions are very popular in the modern world. This is attributed to the immediate results they provide. Fashion is the main reason women for hair extensions. You can find extensions valuable.

If you are bored with old hairstyles and looking for something unique, you will find hair extensions the better option. Moreover, they are solutions to a bad haircut, adding highlights, and hair loss due to woman ironing her hairdiseases. If you have issues for growing natural hair, you can use them as an alternative.

The good thing with hair extensions is that they are durable and free of pain. It will take quite a long time before you replace them. This can also save on costs. These extensions are made from human hair. They are available in various types and are very popular because of beautiful look. There are several factors, which to consider when selecting extensions. Such factors include hair length, brand, and color. The other consideration to make is extension type. The following are the types you will get on the market.

These are quite popular and provide longer hairstyle changes. Therefore, they require professional service as they have to be stitched into the cornrows. This can be done in various designs and styles to achieve desired looks.

They are similar to wigs. However, natural hair is not left hidden like wigs. They have nylon web where the extensions are attached. They can be fitted to the scalp, and natural hair is pulled through tiny holes. The result is a blend of natural hair and extensions. Also, you need the assistance of hair experts to achieve desired results.

Bonding Extensions
woman's photo gridThese extensions are gaining popularity, and a lot of celebrities prefer them as they are difficult to recognize. You can use bonding glue to attach the extensions to the scalp. This is to ensure hair tracks are kept in place. These extensions last longer and look like real hair as there is no evidence of any attachment unlike the case with weaves. However, these types of hair extensions are a bit expensive as compared to others because of the process involved in getting desired results.

These are natural hair extensions that are designed to be worn. They should be attached to hair root with the help of a clip. They are available in various colors, lengths, and textures. Therefore, you will find them suitable for you. These are great for temporary hairstyle changes.…

Shoes That Makes My Legs Look Longer

pairs of stiletto shoes

stiletto high heelWhat shoes will make my legs look longer?

Many women often ask themselves this important when they need to enhance their sexy looks especially on their legs.

However, those who have found what works for them have been able to find the best shoes will make their legs look longer.

Here is a review of the best five shoes that will make your legs look longer:

  1. DADAWEN Sexy Fashion shoes with Pumps Strappy Buckle High Heels

The shoes comes with a suede with a rubber sole that makes it unique when you need the best option from the market. Its platform measures about 4.5 inches to add you extra height when you want your legs to look longer. It will also make you look sexy and comfortable when walking long distances. Its soft will cushion your shoes to caress your skin while giving you that comfortable feeling.

  1. Dream Pairs Women’s Peep High Heel with T-Strap Shoes

These shoes have Man Made Materials that makes them among the best that you can ever get in the black stiletto high heelsmarket when looking for the best quality. Heel measures about 5.0 inches to add you height. Their Platform height is about 1.50 inches that makes it unique when compared to other models. With the TPR rubber sole and a T-strap, you should expect that the shoe would be durable.

  1. Sexy Fashion Women’s Shoes with Platform Pumps Stiletto High Heels

These shoes have a special brand rubber that will make you more comfort when you have them on your feet. They are waterproof and this makes them the best especially when you want shoes that will resists stereo feeling, with fashion and have a high-grade appearance when compared to other that the market provides.

  1. Brakeless Isabel-01 Pumps-Shoes

These shoes are Synthetic and made in USA. Their man-made sole makes them durable when looking for the best quality in the market. They have high-heels or pointed-toe that makes them unique. You will always feel comfortable when you have an ankle-strap.

  1. Madden Girl Women’s Pump Shoes black lady shoes with heels

These are Leather shoes made in USA with a Synthetic sole. Their Heel measures about 4.25 inches and a Platform of 1.75 inches. These Madden Girl shoes will add your height thus making you to look taller than your actual height especially on your legs. You will definitely enjoy walking in them since they are durable and more comfortable.

In conclusion, the above is a review of the best five shoes that will make your legs look longer.…