Four Fashion Hacks to Get an Hourglass Figure

a perfect hourglass lady

When it comes to achieving the hourglass figure, physical exercises are often the most prescribed method. By saying this, we don’t mean that it is wrong.

Here, we’ll try a different approach. On the condition that you are not too skinny or overweight, your choice of dress can affect your appearance significantly. And here is the guide. 

1. Must-Have Tops For Hourglass Shapes

Say it with us now: fitted, fitted, fitted! With hourglass shapes, it’s all about celebrating your waist and highlighting your neckline. Your power pieces include:

  • Form-fitting jersey knits
  • Wrap tops
  • Peplum blouses
  • Tailored tops with ample room in the chest
  • Anything with a V-neck, round neck or boat neck

The hourglass shape is the perfect shape for structured, more tailored silhouettes. And, the beauty of this shape is that your curves are already very balanced. Everything from your most basic pieces (like casual tees!) to your button-up workwear blouses should be fitted to show off your narrow waist.

Moreover, you can enjoy lots of flexibility when it comes to sleeve length! Want to draw the eye to your waist? Try elbow-length styles. Love to show off your arms? Try a cap sleeve, flutter sleeve or even a tank top.

2. The Best Jackets For Hourglass Figures

fitted blazerLook for jackets that show off your waist! A classic trench, fitted blazers, cropped silhouettes and bomber jackets with elastic waistbands look amazing on you.

One thing to note here is about the Boxy style jacket—they won’t do your curves justice. Instead, focus on silhouettes that draw the eye to the most slender part of your frame.

3. The Perfect Dresses For The Hourglass Shape

The hourglass figure was made for dresses. Channel your inner Monroe and reach for iconic silhouettes like the wrap dress or the fit & flare. These shapes will naturally play up your best features.

If you’re looking for something new, an empire silhouette also works wonders. Why? They highlight your natural waist.

Be careful with the flowy styles, though. If you love a dress and it’s a trapeze or other loose-fitting silhouette, simply add a belt. In fact, as a general rule—when in doubt, belt it!

As far as hemlines go, take your pick! If you love your legs, reach for that mini. If you’d like to cover up a bit more, look for high-waisted skirts that hit right below the knee. For the lovely hourglass shape looking to downplay their curves (why would you?), choose very simple silhouettes in solid, dark colors.

4. The Best Jeans & Pants For The Hourglass Shape

casual outfit for ladiesGrab your high-waisted, floor-grazing flares and your favorite dancing heels. If you love your flat stomach, then you can pull off more daring low-rise hip-hugging styles (which look amazing with a slightly cropped or very fitted top). Stretchy skinny jeans and leggings are perfect for showing off the curves of your hip and the taper of your leg, and work best when the inseam is a regular (not cropped) length. 

Fitted jumpsuits (so on-trend!) can look incredible on you. Just remember to go for waist flattering styles. Because your shape is so balanced, remember that you won’t need any extra details (like large seams or cargo pockets) to accentuate your hips.

Selecting the Right Prom Dresses

prom dresses

Women love to standout whenever they go out. The prom dress is the most popular type of dress that women wear when they go for dates in the evening. Selecting the right prom dress is typically a tall order for many women because there are many types of dresses in the market. Different women have different tastes and thus preferences.

Secondly, when choosing the right prom dress, it is essential to select one that will blend well with the occasion that you are attending. Traditionally the prom dresses were worn during the dinner dates, but this has since changed thanks to various opportunities that are usually held at night. The evening gowns are traditionally long although there are some that are short. This article looks at some of the essential tips to consider when selecting the right prom dress.


 different dresses

The event that you are planning to attend will determine the prom dress that you will select. Different events have a specific prom dress. For example, some activities require the women to wear official while there are others that need the women to wear casual wear.

Always make sure that you select the ideal prom dress that will match with the event of the night. This is one of the ways of ensuring that you are not the odd one out. Before purchasing a prom dress, always make sure that you do a little background check to ascertain the type of event that you are planning to attend.


Secondly, make sure that you have a budget when you want to purchase a prom dress. A budget will direct you to the right dress to buy based on the money that you have. You need to understand that similar prom dresses have different price tags among different traders.

This thus calls on you to do a little background check first before you decide to buy the given prom dress. You can make use of the internet to find out the market price of the prom dress that you want to purchase.


Just like any other type of dressing, the prom dress is available in a different material. Probably the most common form of the material is the cotton one because it is of excellent quality. We also have the prom dresses that are made of polyester, nylon, and linen just but to mention a few.

If you need the best prom dress, then make sure that you select the one that is made of cotton. The prom dresses that are made of cotton are not only more expensive but are also durable.

Body Shape

Lady in purple dress

Women are endowed differently, and this has different shapes. The designers noted this fact and came up with different prom dress designs that are meant for women with different body shape. Make sure that you talk to the seller who will advise you on the right prom dress design to select based on your body shape.…