Top Reasons Why Women Buy Human Hair

dark hairNowadays, it is quite common to see women wearing wigs. Wigs can be made from a variety of materials or real human hair. Human hair might be a bit more expensive than the other options, but it is usually worth it. They come in a variety of sizes and hair types to match the preferences of any woman. Some of the top reasons why women should buy human hair are highlighted below.

Human Hair Gives You a Natural Look

When wearing a wig, you want it to look as natural as it can. Synthetic wigs usually do not give a natural look. Anyone can tell that you are wearing a wig at first glance. On the contrary, human hair will provide you with a natural appearance. It will be so difficult for anyone to notice that you are wearing a wig because it has the perfect touch and texture. The movement of the hair is also more realistic, and the color has more dimensions.

Human Hair Is Easy to Style

Synthetic hair usually feels quite firm to touch and rigid in appearance. That makes them very difficult to style. Human hair, on the other hand, is a lot more versatile. It can be styled in any imaginable way according to your preferences. The styling process is also easy. You can even use dry iron or a blow drier to help you with styling, unlike the synthetic hair, which will burn when such styling tools are used. Regarding heat resistance, human hair wig is a lot safer when working close to an open flame, such as when cooking.

Human Hair Tangles Less

Synthetic wigs are known to tangle quite easily. Untangling the hair can be frustrating and time-consuming, in addition to the fact that it degrades the quality of the hair. Human hair, on the other hand, does not tangle easily. That is because the strands of human hair are fine and have a smooth and silky texture, which makes the hair less susceptible to tangling. That means that you get to spend less time working on your hair but get to look your best.woman with human hair

Human Hair Lasts Longer

Another reason to buy human hair is that it will last a lot longer than synthetic hair. With proper care, a human hair wig can last for several years while still looking great. That makes human hair more cost-effective compared to other options.

Four Fashion Hacks to Get an Hourglass Figure

a perfect hourglass lady

When it comes to achieving the hourglass figure, physical exercises are often the most prescribed method. By saying this, we don’t mean that it is wrong.

Here, we’ll try a different approach. On the condition that you are not too skinny or overweight, your choice of dress can affect your appearance significantly. And here is the guide. 

1. Must-Have Tops For Hourglass Shapes

Say it with us now: fitted, fitted, fitted! With hourglass shapes, it’s all about celebrating your waist and highlighting your neckline. Your power pieces include:

  • Form-fitting jersey knits
  • Wrap tops
  • Peplum blouses
  • Tailored tops with ample room in the chest
  • Anything with a V-neck, round neck or boat neck

The hourglass shape is the perfect shape for structured, more tailored silhouettes. And, the beauty of this shape is that your curves are already very balanced. Everything from your most basic pieces (like casual tees!) to your button-up workwear blouses should be fitted to show off your narrow waist.

Moreover, you can enjoy lots of flexibility when it comes to sleeve length! Want to draw the eye to your waist? Try elbow-length styles. Love to show off your arms? Try a cap sleeve, flutter sleeve or even a tank top.

2. The Best Jackets For Hourglass Figures

fitted blazerLook for jackets that show off your waist! A classic trench, fitted blazers, cropped silhouettes and bomber jackets with elastic waistbands look amazing on you.

One thing to note here is about the Boxy style jacket—they won’t do your curves justice. Instead, focus on silhouettes that draw the eye to the most slender part of your frame.

3. The Perfect Dresses For The Hourglass Shape

The hourglass figure was made for dresses. Channel your inner Monroe and reach for iconic silhouettes like the wrap dress or the fit & flare. These shapes will naturally play up your best features.

If you’re looking for something new, an empire silhouette also works wonders. Why? They highlight your natural waist.

Be careful with the flowy styles, though. If you love a dress and it’s a trapeze or other loose-fitting silhouette, simply add a belt. In fact, as a general rule—when in doubt, belt it!

As far as hemlines go, take your pick! If you love your legs, reach for that mini. If you’d like to cover up a bit more, look for high-waisted skirts that hit right below the knee. For the lovely hourglass shape looking to downplay their curves (why would you?), choose very simple silhouettes in solid, dark colors.

4. The Best Jeans & Pants For The Hourglass Shape

casual outfit for ladiesGrab your high-waisted, floor-grazing flares and your favorite dancing heels. If you love your flat stomach, then you can pull off more daring low-rise hip-hugging styles (which look amazing with a slightly cropped or very fitted top). Stretchy skinny jeans and leggings are perfect for showing off the curves of your hip and the taper of your leg, and work best when the inseam is a regular (not cropped) length. 

Fitted jumpsuits (so on-trend!) can look incredible on you. Just remember to go for waist flattering styles. Because your shape is so balanced, remember that you won’t need any extra details (like large seams or cargo pockets) to accentuate your hips.